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Linksys WAP300N Frequently Asked Questions




The Linksys WAP300N is a selectable dual-band wireless access point based on IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 and optimized for video transmission.  It can operate either in 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz radio bands, and is fully backward compatible with widely deployed 802.11a/b/g/n infrastructure.
The WAP300N has one (1) year limited warranty.
Hold the Reset button at the back panel of the WAP300N for about 10 seconds then release.  You can also use the web interface to reset the access point.  To do this, go to the Administration tab > Factory Defaults then set Restore Factory Defaults to Yes and click Save Settings.
The default username and password of the WAP300N is "admin" and the IP Address is  If the access point is connected to an existing network, the IP Address will change according to the IP segment of the network.
WAP300N supports four (4) kinds of mode:
  • access point
  • wireless media connector
  • wireless range extender
  • wireless bridge
The default SSID of the WAP300N is the device's brand name and the last five (5) digits of the access point’s serial number, which is found at the bottom of the device.
The WAP300N supports the following wireless security options:
  • WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode
  • WPA2 Personal
  • WPA Personal
  • WPA2/WPA Enterprise Mixed Mode
  • WPA2 Enterprise
  • WPA Enterprise
  • WEP
There are 32 wireless clients that can be added in the MAC Address Filter List.
It can support the 64 bit and 128 bit WEP encryptions.
To reboot the WAP300N through the web-based setup page, go to Administration tab > Reboot and set Device Reboot to Yes then Save Settings.  You can also unplug the power adapter of the WAP300N for about 10 seconds then plug it back in.
On the web-based setup page, go to Administration > Management tab then click the Backup Configurations button.  On the pop-up window, click the Save button to save the file straight to the Downloads section of your computer.  If you want to rename it or save it to another location, click  the drop-down arrow and select Save As then choose the path where you wanted to save the configuration file and click Save to proceed.
On the web-based setup page, go to Administration > Management tab, click on the Browse button to select the file to be restored then click the Restore Configurations button.
IMPORTANT:  Do not reset or powercycle the device until the process is completed.
No.  The WAP300N only serves as a bridge from wired Ethernet to wireless clients.

If you cannot see the SSID of the WAP300N, you should do the following items: 

  • Make sure that the access point is ON.  
  • Make sure the SSID broadcast of the access point is enabled.  To do this, access the web-based setup page and go to Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings and make sure the SSID broadcast is to Enabled.
  • Make sure that your laptop’s wireless switch is ON.
  • Check if your wireless adapter supports 802.11n, 802.11g or 802.11b.  Otherwise, you need to change it to make sure that the adapter can support these protocols. 
Access the web-based setup page.  Go to Administration tab > Firmware Upgrade.  Click the Browse... button to locate the firmware file that you previously downloaded and then click Start to Upgrade.  Do not reset or powercycle the unit until the upgrade process is completed.
The Radio Band gives you two (2) options:  Auto and Standard - 20MHz channel, Standard channel is what all B/G/N devices will use.  If you select channel Wide for the radio band setting, then Wireless-N can use two (2) channels: a primary one (Auto) and a secondary one (Standard Channel).  This will improve Wireless-N performance.
Wireless access can be filtered by using the MAC addresses of the wireless devices transmitting within your network’s radius. 

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