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CardBus and PCMCIA Differences



 3.3-volt or 5-volt cards

 3.3-volt cards*

 16-bit interface

 32-bit interface

 Will fit into PCMCIA/PC Card
and CardBus sockets

 Will fit into CardBus
sockets only

 Smooth end

 End with small rivet bumps

*lower power consumption

What are some Linksys products that are 16-bit PC Cards (PCMCIA)?

Some examples of 16-bit PCMCIA cards are the EC2T, PCMPC100, PCM100, NP100, PCM100H1, WPC11, WPC11 v2.5, WPC11 v2.7, WPC11 v3, and WPC11 v3.1.

What are some Linksys products that are 32-bit CardBus cards?

Some examples of 32-bit CardBus cards are the WPC54A, WPC11 v4, WPC54G, WPC54GS, WPC54GX, WPC51AB, WPC55AG, NWP11B, PCMPC200, PCM1000, PCM200, and PCM200HA.

What does PCMCIA stand for?

Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.

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