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Getting to Know the CIT200

Handset’s Front Panel


Handset’s Side Panel

Handset’s Back Panel

Base Station’s Front Panel


  • Offers a complete cordless Internet phone solution for Skype™ by connecting Skype to Skype, Connects Skype to regular phone lines (with SkypeOut service), and regular phone lines to Skype (with SkypeIn service);
  • Has a plug and dial function that allows easy installation and use;
  • Expandable up to four handsets with a single base station;
  • Has an Intercom support that allows conversations between multiple handsets;
  • Has a built-in speakerphone in handset;
  • Has a colored LCD display with status indicators;
  • Has superior sound quality;
  • Has voice encryption for maximum security;
  • Offers 120 hours standby time and 10 hours talk time; and
  • Has a base station with USB connection to connect to your PC.

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