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Printing on your HP® ePrint-enabled printer using your iOS device

You can now print images and documents straight from your iOS mobile device on your wireless HP® ePrint-enabled printer with the HP® ePrint mobile app.  This application allows you to print documents from your email, web pages and images saved on your mobile device on your HP® ePrint-enabled printer.

NOTE:  Your HP® ePrint-enabled printer needs to be in the same network as your mobile device. 
To learn how you can print wirelessly through the HP® ePrint mobile app, follow the steps below:
Step 1:
Connect your iOS device to the wireless network.
NOTE:  To learn how to connect your iOS mobile device to the wireless network, click on the links below:
Step 2:
Tap the ePrint app.
Step 3:
Tap No Printer Found to select an HP­® ePrint-enabled printer in your network.   
Step 4:
Tap the All tab, then select an HP® ePrint-enabled printer from the list.
QUICK TIP:  The green circle  indicates that the printer is online and connected to your wireless network. 
Step 5:
Once you have selected a printer, select an image or document from either of the following sources:
  • Photos – These are images saved or taken with your mobile device.  To print an image from your mobile device, tap Photos and select the album where the image file is stored.  Search and tap on the image file you want to print.
  • Web – These are web pages from the Internet.  To print a web page, tap Web , then enter the URL of the website in the address bar.

  • Email – These are emails, documents or images found in your email account.  For Email, you need to be logged in to your email account in the HP® ePrint app to retrieve the document or image you want to print.  To do this, tap Email, select an email client, then enter the necessary information. 
  • NOTE:  If the email client is not available in the selection, tap the Other... option, select the appropriate protocol (IMAP or POP), then enter the necessary information in the fields provided. 
Step 6:
Once you have selected the file you want to print, tap on the following to print the document or the image file:
  • For image files taken from the Photos option, tap Print.

NOTE:  You can adjust the paper size as well as the type of paper you want to use by tapping the Settings  icon.


  • For web pages, tap Print then tap Preview to view the web page in a printer-friendly version.  Once you have viewed the web page in printer-friendly version, tap Print.  


NOTE:  You can adjust the color scheme, paper size, quality and the number of copies you want to make by tapping the Settings  button. 

  • For emails, tap on the email you want to print, then tap Preview to see the printer-friendly version of the email.  Once you have viewed the email in printer-friendly version, tap Print.


NOTE:  You can adjust the color scheme, paper size, quality and the number of copies you want to make by tapping the Settings  button.

The printing process will now begin.  Once you have received a confirmation that the printing is done, you can pick-up the printed document or image from your selected HP® ePrint-enabled printer.

Print wirelessly from your iOS device with AirPrint™
AirPrint™ is a component for iOS devices which allows you to print wirelessly from your iOS devices directly to any Airprint™ compatible printers connected to your network.  It is available for the following iOS devices:
  • iPad® (all versions)
  • iPhone® (3Gs or higher version)
  • iPod® (3rd Generation or higher version)
To learn more about Airprint, click on the link below:


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