Configuring the Linksys range extender with a gateway using Site Survey

Linksys range extenders allow you to extend the range of your wireless network by getting the wireless signal from your router or gateway then broadcast it to other areas within its range inside your home.  This allows wireless devices in that area to have wireless connection.

This article will guide you on how to configure your Linksys range extender with your gateway.

Before you proceed with the steps, make sure to get the correct Passphrase or network password from your router or gateway.  These will be used to properly set up your range extender.  To learn how to check the gateway's wireless settings, click here.  If you are using a non-Linksys router or gateway, contact your device manufacturer to assist you in getting the wireless settings.
QUICK TIP:  The Internet connection type in some areas may not make it possible for a Linksys range extender to be added in your existing network due to some issues in synchronizing the settings of the devices.  You may call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to verify your connection type.
Step 1:
Plug the range extender into a power outlet and wait for the LED light to become stable.
Step 2:
Using a wireless computer, click the wireless network  icon on your system tray to display a list of wireless networks within the range of your computer and look for the network of your range extender.

NOTE:  By default, the network name for the range extender is LinksysExtender plus the last five (5) digits in its serial number.  In the image above, LinksysExtender00038 is used as an example.

Step 3:
Click on the Linksys Extender network and wait while your computer is trying to connect to it.


Step 4:
A prompt will appear asking you if you want to set up the network.  Click on the Connect to the network without setting it up link then click OK.


The wireless network icon on the system tray will then display a yellow exclamation point as soon as the computer is connected to the range extender's network.  It is an indication that the computer is connected to a wireless network but doesn’t have Internet connection.

Step 5:
Click on the wireless network  icon and verify that the computer is connected to the range extender's network.


Step 6:
Open a web browser and enter the default IP address “”.  You will be asked for a username and password.

NOTE:  The default username and password is admin.


Step 7:
Once the web-based setup page appears, click the Wireless tab.  A list of wireless networks detected by the range extender will be displayed under the Site Survey sub-tab.  Select the name of your existing network and click Connect.


NOTE:  Click the Refresh button if you cannot see the name of your network in the list.

Step 8:
A window will then prompt you for the Passphrase.  Enter your network password then click Save Settings.


Step 9:
A window will then display that the settings are successfully saved.  Click Continue to close thepage.


You should have successfully configured your Linksys range extender with your gateway now.  You can now proceed on connecting wireless computers and devices into your network to get Internet access.  To learn more on how to connect computers to your wireless network, click here.
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