Privacy Pledge

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Linksys takes privacy and security very seriously. We are committed to providing you with a secure network, and we collect only the minimum personal data necessary to maintain network reliability. We believe in treating each and every customer equally, and our dedication to privacy and security extends to customers around the globe — no matter where they live. Our top priority is to provide a seamless, secure, and safe WiFi experience for everyone. Our privacy policy, located here, provides more detail about how we handle the data we collect.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security Means:

  • Linksys products and apps do not track your application usage or online activities.
  • Linksys products and apps do not track websites you visit or collect information about content you view on the Internet.
  • Linksys products and apps do not contain tracking or advertising cookies.
  • Linksys does not sell your personal Information.
  • Linksys is an “opt-in” company, which means you decide whether you want to receive marketing emails or texts.

The information your Linksys router does collect pertains only to WiFi signal strength, radio frequency, the types of devices that connect to your network, and other relevant technical information to optimize WiFi performance.

No Unwanted Emails or Texts

Linksys is proudly an “opt-in” company – which isn’t common practice yet. This means that regardless of where you are in the world, you get to decide whether you want to receive marketing emails or texts. We will never put you on a marketing list, nor share your information with other companies. The opt-in policy includes cookies on our website — you have the choice to accept or reject cookies, and we won’t put cookies on your browser unless you accept them.

You won’t be added to any marketing lists, and your personal data will never be shared with other companies if you contact customer support, send us an email, or fill out a data-subject request form. If you would like to remove your name from a marketing list, you can unsubscribe to emails or text the word STOP, and you’ll be removed immediately.

To exercise your rights in checking on your personal data usage, you can fill in the webform here, that we’ve created for that specific purpose. Please note that if you are actively using a Linksys product, we won’t be able to delete all your personal data because some data collection is necessary for product use. However, opting out of marketing emails and texts will not affect your use of Linksys products. We verify every request to make sure you made the request and not someone else.