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Resolving connectivity issues of Sony Tablet™ using the W-Fi checker application

Sony Tablet™ has built-in wireless capability that allows it to connect to an available Wi-Fi network in range.  Connecting your tablet wirelessly is easy but there are instances when you can experience difficulties because of different factors.

The Sony Tablet™ has a Wi-Fi checker application that is very useful for diagnosing wireless connectivity issues on the device itself, the router or even the Internet.  If a problem is detected, the Wi-Fi checker application will suggest possible solutions on how to resolve it.

Follow the steps below to learn how to resolve issues using the Wi-Fi checker application:

Step 1:
Tap the Home icon on your tablet’s main screen.


Step 2:
Tap Apps on the upper right corner of your tablet.

Step 3:
Tap Wi-Fi checker.


Step 4:
On the Wi-Fi checker screen, tap the Test button to start the diagnostic.

Step 5:
The Wi-Fi checker application will then start the 5-step test in this order:

  1. Wi-Fi settings
  2. Wi-Fi connection
  3. IP settings
  4. Gateway/DNS
  5. Test server

NOTE:  Each of the steps will also display the different components for wireless connection.

IMPORTANT:  If the Wi-Fi checker detects a problem at any point during the testing process, a Connection failed error message will be displayed on the screen.  If this happens, just tap OK then follow all the suggested troubleshooting steps displayed at the bottom of the test screen, and then tap Test to begin again.

If the test is successful, you will see the Connection test complete message on your screen.

Utilizing your router’s feature

After successfully resolving your Sony Tablet™’s connectivity issues, you can now go ahead and use the different features of your Linksys router like Guest Access and Parental controls.  Guest Access allows you to create a separate network for guests while Parental controls enables you to limit the Internet access of different devices at home.  Click on the links below to know more about these:

Guest Network Frequently Asked Questions
Getting to know Parental controls

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