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Installing the PLW400

Powerline networking is a way to extend your network using the electrical outlets in your house.  This works by adding a Powerline adapter to your network.  Setting up a Powerline network requires a set of Powerline adapters plugged into each electrical outlet where the network extension is needed.
The PLW400 is a Powerline 1-Port Fast Ethernet Network Adapter and Access point in one device.  You can connect one (1) wired device and several wireless devices to it.   Follow the steps below to install your PLW400.  
IMPORTANT:  Before setting up your PLW400, you should do the following:
  • Make sure you already have Internet access and a working home Powerline network.  To know more about Powerline networking, click here.
  • Make sure that the wireless devices that you want to connect to the PLW400 have a working wireless feature.  An easy way to test this is to first try to connect the wireless network device to your home’s wireless router while near the router. 
QUICK TIP:  For additional tips on ensuring the smooth installation of your Powerline network, click here.  If you prefer to set up your PLW400 using the configuration utility, click here.
There are two (2) ways in installing your PLW400: 
Using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) 

This configuration is recommended if your home network has a security already set up or if your router has a Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM (WPS) feature.

Step 1:
Connect the PLW400 to a power outlet near your main wireless router.
NOTE:  Make sure that the power switch on the right side is set to I (ON).
Step 2:
On the PLW400, press and hold the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button for at least one (1) second, until the Wi-Fi Protected Setup LED  flashes.
Step 3:
Within 2 minutes, press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup  button on your wireless router.  The PLW400 retrieves the security settings from the router and connects to your wireless network. 
NOTE:  It is important to check your router’s wireless settings on the web-based based setup page as the previous settings of your router may change once you press the Wi-Fi Protected Setupbutton.  To learn how to check your router’s wireless setting
s, click here.    
NOTE:  The location of the Wi-Fi Protected Setupbutton may vary depending on the router model.
Step 4:
Move your PLW400 to a power outlet near the wireless network device(s) you want to connect.  Typically, this area is not covered well by your home’s wireless network router.
NOTE:  The Powerline LED  flashes, and then stays on when the connection to the rest of the Powerline network is finished.  Your home’s wireless network is now available in the area surrounding the PLW400.
Step 5:
Connect your wireless network device to the wireless network in the usual manner.  For instructions, see your wireless network device’s user documentation. 
QUICK TIP:  The PLW400’s Wireless LED  flashes, and then stays on when a wireless network device successfully connects to your network.
NOTE:  If you’re having difficulty connecting the adapters using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™, or if you’d like to set more advanced options, you can use the configuration utility.  Click here to find out how.
Using advanced security 

To configure your network adapter with advanced security, follow the steps below:
NOTE:  The devices connected to the Powerline adapters will temporarily lose Internet connection during the security setup.

Step 1:
Press and hold the HomePlug Simple Connect  button on the first Powerline adapter for at least one (1) second until the Powerline LED begins to flash slowly.  The adapter then creates a new network key for the Powerline network to use.
Step 2:
On your PLW400, press and hold the HomePlug Simple Connect button for at least one (1) second until the Powerline LED  begins to flash slowly.  When the LED stops flashing, the new network key has been shared with the first adapter.
The devices connected to the adapters will regain Internet access within five (5) minutes.   You can now proceed in setting up your wireless connection with the PLW400 and connecting your wireless devices to the network.

Setting up Wireless Security
The Wireless Setting tab of the Linksys Powerline AV Utility allows you to change the wireless Network Name (SSID), Security Mode, or Passphrase of your PLW400.  To know more about the configuration utility, click

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