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Connecting the Sony Tablet™ to the Wi-Fi

The Sony Tablet™ is developed for optimized media entertainment and effortless communication through Wi-Fi.  Follow the steps below to learn how to connect a Sony Tablet™ to the Wi-Fi.
QUICK TIP:  Make sure you know the wireless settings of your router before connecting your device to the network.
Step 1:
Tap the Home icon on your tablet’s main screen.
Step 2:
Tap Apps on the upper right corner of your tablet.

Step 3:
Select Settings.

Step 4:
Under the Wireless & networks section, make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled.  You will see a check if it is.

NOTE:  If the Wi-Fi is OFF, tap the checkbox to enable.  The tablet will now scan for available Wi-Fi networks.
Step 5:
Tap Wi-Fi settings to view all the available networks in range.

Step 6:
Tap the Wi-Fi name you want to connect to on the list.  

Step 7:
Enter the Wi-Fi password or security key on the provided field using the onscreen keyboard then tap Connect.

You should now have successfully connected your Sony Tablet to the Wi-Fi.

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