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Setting up WET11 Version 1 units and X-box consoles for Ad-hoc System Link gaming

Note:  This article applies only to the WET11 Version 1.  If you have a Version 2, Refer to Answer ID 323 .  You can find your version number underneath the WET11 on its underside label. “WET11” with no version number means Version 1.

When playing System Link games between X-Boxes (up to 4 X-Boxes at the same time), the consoles communicate with each other using the Ethernet MAC address of the Xbox’s broadband Ethernet adapter.

The WET11 communicates with devices on a network using its own MAC address.  New firmware that is now available for the WET11 has enabled the unit to transmit the MAC address of the device on the LAN port over the wireless signal, a feature known as MAC Address Cloning. 

When configured to communicate with the XBox and MAC address cloning enabled, the WET11 units will simulate the MAC addresses of the Xbox console and gaming will be possible.

To use MAC Address Cloning, the WET11 V1 must have firmware version 1.5.4.

To upgrade the firmware on the WET11, please go to https://www.linksys.com/support-product?pid=01t80000003KT1uAAG to download the latest firmware

When using two different WET11 units on the same network, each must be configured with a different IP address.  The default IP address of the WET11 is; all WET11 units must be set to have a different address.  A possible configuration for the IP addresses of two WET11 units is:

WET11 #1: (default)

WET11 #2:

Once both WET11 units have the latest firmware installed and have different IP addresses, they must be configured to use MAC Address Cloning and set to communicate in Ad-hoc mode:

To configure the WET11:

  1. Plug a straight-through Ethernet UTP patch cable from your WET11 LAN port into your network’s router, switch, or hub.  Set the switch on the back of WET11 to the “II” position (straight through).
  • If you do not have a router, switch, or hub, you need to plug a straight-through Ethernet UTP patch cable from WET11 directly into a computer’s Ethernet port instead and set up a static IP address on the computer in order to communicate with the WET11.  See Answer ID Number 534 for information on setting up a static IP address.  Set the switch on the back of the WET11 to the “X” position (cross over).

Once you have the WET11 plugged in, the LAN light on the top of unit will light up.

  1. Open a web browser and type in the IP address of the WET11 into the browser address bar ( is the default IP address; if you have more than one WET11, enter the appropriate IP address for the unit).
  2. Once in the WET11 “Setup” page, check the option for Enabled MAC Address Cloning.
  3. Look for the section labeled Wireless.
  4. Type a unique network name of your choice into the SSID field (the default SSID is linksys; you may leave the SSID as linksys if you wish).  An SSID identifies the wireless network.  All WET11 units on the network must be configured with the same SSID to communicate with each other, so be sure to record the name that is chosen.
  5. Select Ad Hoc for the “Network Type” option.
  6. For the “Ad Hoc Wireless Channel”, select a channel (1 through 11) that you want the WET11 units to communicate on.  You may leave this at the default setting, or you may change it.  All WET11 units on the network must be configured to operate on the same channel to communicate with each other, so be sure to record the channel that is chosen.
  7. Click Apply at the bottom of the page to save changes.  Close the web browser.
  8. Repeat Steps 1 through 8 for each WET11 that you plan to use.

Installing on the X-Box:

  1. Once all the WET11 units have been configured with the same wireless settings, set the switch on each WET11 to the “X” position.
  2. Unplug the power to the WET11, and power off the X-Box.
  3. Plug a straight-through Ethernet UTP patch cable from your WET11 LAN port into the X-Box Ethernet port (located on the back of the console).
  4. Plug the power cord into the WET11.  Wait 10 seconds.
  5. Power on the X-Box.
  6. Repeat steps 10 though 14 for each WET11 and each X-Box that will be on the network.

When all WET11 units have been configured and installed on each X-Box, the LAN and WLAN lights on each WET11 should illuminate.   Once they do, the X-Box consoles should be communicating. 

You can now start an X-box game and set up a System Link on each console.

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