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Resolving problems with unlit LED indicators on a Linksys switch

LED indicators that do not light up when you connect a computer to a port on a Linksys switch are caused by several factors such as:

  i.   The Linksys switch is not powered ON
 ii.   Defective Ethernet cable
iii.   The Ethernet cable is not detected due to incompatibility
iv.   Defective or disabled Ethernet adapter on the computer
 v.   The LED indicator of the switch is defective
vi.   The Linksys switch is defective

To resolve problems with unlit LEDs on a Linksys hub or switch, follow the instructions below:

The Linksys switch is not powered ON

Before checking cable connections, make sure that you have connected the power adapter of the switch to its power port located on the back panel and that it is plugged in to a power outlet.
NOTE:  The switch models SE1500, SE2500, SE2800 and SE4008 have a LED button that turns the device ON or OFF.  The switch will still work even if the LEDs are switched OFF.


Defective Ethernet cable

To check if the cable is working or not, try connecting the cable from one (1) port on the switch to another and check if the corresponding LED port status indicators lit up.  Otherwise, use another cable to isolate the issue.  Make sure that the cable is tightly inserted when connecting to any of the Ethernet ports on the switch.
QUICK TIP:  If you do not have an extra Ethernet cable, you may purchase from a local electronic shop. 

The Ethernet cable is not detected due to incompatibility

Some of the previous models of switches don’t have the capability to automatically detect the type of cable being used; whether crossover or straight-through.  If you have this type of switch, a straight-through Ethernet cable is used to connect a computer to a switch or a router to a switch.  For switch to switch connections, a crossover cable is used.
NOTE:  The numbered ports on the Linksys SE1500, SE2500 and SE2800 switches have auto MDI/MDI-X (straight-through or crossover) cable detection capabilities.  This means that you can use any type of cable and it will automatically be detected.

Defective or disabled Ethernet adapter on the computer

Another possible reason why the light indicator on the port does not light up is because it does not detect a connection from the Ethernet adapter on your computer.  To check if the Ethernet adapter of your computer is functioning properly:

Step 1:
Access your computer’s device manager by right-clicking the My Computer  icon on your Desktop and then select Manage.


Step 2:
Select Device Manager and on the right pane, select Network adapters.


Step 3:
Under Network adapters, you will see the Ethernet adapters installed on your computer.  Right-click on a particular adapter and select Properties.

NOTE:  You will see from this window the status of your network adapter if it is working properly or not.  For Ethernet adapter driver problems, refer to the adapter manual or contact the manufacturer’s product support.

The LED indicator of the switch is defective

The LED lights on the ports may not be functioning.  However, this does not mean that the switch port itself is defective.

The Linksys switch is defective

When you’ve checked all the possible reasons why the LED indicators do not light up, and the problem still persists, your device may be defective.  For help regarding this issue, you may visit the Linksys Support Site.

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