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Setting Up an ADSL Gateway with ADSL Internet

PPPoA or Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is a network protocol supported by the Linksys ADSL gateway.  Most ADSL providers use PPPoA to establish Internet connection for end-users.  In setting up a Linksys gateway with an ADSL connection, you need to enable PPPoA on the gateway's web-based setup page.

Before setting up your gateway with an ADSL connection, you need to do these steps:

i.   Verifying Internet Connection
ii.  Connecting the Devices Together
iii. Checking the LEDs
iv. Setting Up the ADSL on a Linksys Gateway

 Verifying Internet Connection

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that you have active Internet service.

Connecting the Devices Together

Connect the ADSL line and computer to the gateway.  For instructions, click here.

Checking the LEDs

Check the LEDs of the gateway.  For instructions, click here.

Setting-Up an ADSL on a Linksys Gateway

NOTE:  The images below may vary depending on the model of the device you are using.

Step 1:
Access the gateway’s web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here.  If you are using a Mac computer, click here for instructions.

Step 2:
For Encapsulation and select RFC 2364 PPPoA on the drop-down menu.  Select the appropriate setting for Multiplexing.  In the example below, VC is selected.  Verify with your ISP which settings should be selected.

Step 3:
Set Autodetect to Disable and type the VCI and VPI range under Virtual Circuit.

NOTE:  ISP’s provide VPI and VCI range for the Virtual Circuit.  In this example, we used 0 for VPI and 38 for VCI.   

NOTE:  In case you were not provided Virtual Circuit information by your ISP, set Autodetect to Enable.

Step 4:
In the User Name and Password fields, enter the username and password provided by your ADSL ISP.

Step 5:
Click .

Step 6:
Click the Status tab.

Step 7:
Look for Login Status and check if it's Connected.  If it’s connected, you should be able to access the Internet.
NOTE:  If Login Status is Disconnected, click .


NOTE:  For WAG160N, WAG120N and WAG320N, the Status page does not have a Login Status.  The Internet should connect automatically.

To learn more about PPPoA and how to configure a gateway with PPPoE settings, click here.


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