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Setting Up a PlayStation®2 on a Linksys Router

Take note that Linksys does not support the configuration of PlayStation®2.  The following instructions will simply tell you how to configure the router for the PlayStation®2, not the game console itself.  For technical support on the PlayStation®2, contact Sony.  To learn how, you need to perform the following steps below:

Connecting the Devices Together
Configuring the Router

Connecting the Devices Together

This step assumes that you already properly installed the PlayStation®2 network adapter.  Otherwise, you may refer to the device’s documentation or contact Sony for technical support.

Step 1:
Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to one of the numbered ports on the router and the other end to the PlayStation®2’s Ethernet port.

NOTE:  An Ethernet cable is also referred as an Internet cable.  In the image below, an E4200 Linksys Wireless-N Router is used as an example.

Step 2:
Assign a Static IP address on your PlayStation®2.  To do this, consult your PlayStation®2 documentation, or click here for assistance.

NOTE:  In this article, we will use the following settings on the PlayStation®2:

IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

NOTE:  You will need to retrieve your DNS information.  To learn how to check the DNS servers on a Linksys router, click here.

Configuring the Router

Step 1:
Access the router’s web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here.

NOTE:  If you are using a Mac computer to access the router's web-based setup page, click here.

Step 2:
Click Applications & Gaming then select DMZ.

NOTE:  If the screen on your router’s web-based setup page looks different, click here.

Step 3:
Select Enabled then under Destination enter the PlayStation®'s static IP address.


Source IP Address - if you want any IP address to be the source, select Any IP Address in the router’s web-based setup page.  If you want to specify an IP address or range of IP addresses as the designated source, click the second radio button, and enter the IP address (es) in the fields provided.

Destination - if you want to specify the DMZ host by IP address, select IP Address and complete the IP address in the field provided.  If you want to specify the DMZ host by MAC address, select MAC Address and enter the MAC address in the field provided.

NOTE:  WAG160N does not have Source IP Address and Destination settings.  In this example, Any IP Address is set as the Source IP Address and the Destination is set to IP Address with as an example.

If the screen on your router’s web-based setup page looks the same with the one below, select Enabled then under DMZ Host IP Address enter the PlayStation's IP address.

Step 4:
Click Save Settings.

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