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How to check the IP address and MAC address on the PlayStation®4

When you start experiencing connectivity issues with your PlayStation®4 (PS4™), it is important to check if the IP and MAC addresses are set properly.  This article will help you check the IP and MAC addresses of your PlayStation 4.
NOTE:  This article assumes that your PS4 is connected to a network and has an IP address assigned to it.

Step 1:
Scroll up from the Home screen to access the Function area.
Step 2:
Select Settings.
Step 3:
Scroll down and select System.
Step 4:
Select System Information.
The IP address, MAC address (LAN Cable), and MAC address (Wi-Fi) of your PS4 is displayed on this section.  This section also has the current System Software version and available Free Space displayed, as well as the option to customize the Name of your PS4.

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