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Accessing media files from a computer using an Xbox One®

Xbox One® enables you to access and stream media files from your computer.  Using the Xbox One®, you can display photos, play music and stream videos from your computer using the Windows Media Player.

Before you start with this set up, you need to:
  • Set up the media streaming feature of Windows Media Player on your computer.  For instructions on how to do this, click here.
  • Ensure that your computer and the Xbox One® are connected to the same network.  For instructions on how to connect the Xbox One® to the network, click here.  If you want to connect your computer to the wireless network, click here.
  • Download and install the Media Player in your Xbox One®.
Step 1:
In your Home screen scroll to the left.

Step 2: 
Look for the Media player app.

Step 3:
Select the name of your network.

Step 4:
Navigate through the folders and select the file you want to stream.

You have now successfully streamed your media file using your Xbox One®.


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