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WMP11 losing a Wireless Signal While Using a Cordless Phone

Many cordless telephones and wireless networking devices on the market use the 2.4GHz frequency range, so this can cause some complications with your wireless network.

The interference is a factor when:

1. The cordless phone and your wireless Linksys equipment are on the same channel:

a. This can be resolved by navigating to your Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router’s “Setup”
pageandchanging the channel your wireless network is using. Please consult your Wireless Access
PointorWireless Router’s documentation for information on how to change channels.

b. Click the channel button on your cordless phone, and it will usually find a better channel that
does not have any interference on it (certain cordless phones may not have this option).

2. The cordless phone is bleeding or causing interference across the entire 2.4 GHz range:

a. Unfortunately, there may not be solution other than replacing the phone (possibly with a 900 MHz
solution) or changing to a different wireless networking standard, like 802.11a, which operates in the
5GHz range.

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