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Unable to view the WVC11B Camera’s video using Internet Explorer

Make sure the OCX plug-in is correctly installed.  If you are not sure, re-install the plug-in by following these instructions:

Step 1:
Access the WVC11B's web-based setup page by entering “” on the address bar of your browser.

Step 2:
Enter your User name and Password on the Authentication screen and click OK.

NOTE: The default User name and Password is “admin”.

Step 3:
On the Welcome screen, click on the View Video tab.

Step 4:
When a security warning dialogue box appears for the OCX plug-in, click the Yes button to allow the plug-in to be installed.

You should now be able to view the Camera’s streaming video.

If you’re still unable to view videos on your web browser, make sure you have the proper rights to install a plug-in into your computer’s Internet Explorer browser.  If not, log into your computer as an Administrator, or a user account with administrative rights, and install the plug-in.

Check if the OCX plug-in has been already installed

Step 1:
Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2:
Click on Tools in the menu bar then select Internet Options.

Step 3:
On the General screen, click on the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files section.

Step 4:
On the Settings pop-up window, click the View Objects button.

Step 5:
On the next window, look for a file named NetCamPlayerWeb Control.  If you see this file listed, then the OCX plug-in has already been installed.


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