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Connecting the Linksys Wireless A/G Game Adapter on the network

To connect your Linksys Wireless A/G Game Adapter to the network, the Game Adapter’s ethernet port should be connected to any of the available numbered ports on a Linksys router.  To know how, follow the steps below.
NOTE:  The images may vary depending on the model number of the router.

Step 1:
Connect the Game Adapter to any available numbered port (1, 2, 3 or 4).  In this example, the Game Adapter is connected to port number 3.

Step 2:
Make sure the power supply of the router and Game Adapter are plugged to an available power outlet.

Step 3:
Check if the corresponding lights on the router are lit.  For instructions, click here.

You should now have successfully connected your Linksys Wireless A/G Game Adapter to the network.

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