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Unable to access the WVC11B’s video away from home

If your network uses a dynamic IP address supplied by your ISP, then the IP address you use to reach the Camera will change as well. If you have a Dynamic IP Address, then Linksys recommends that you use the Linksys SoloLink DDNS Service, so you can access the Camera using its domain name while the service keeps track of the IP address changes.

Setting up the SoloLink DDNS Service

1.      Open a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.

2.      Go to the “Address” bar and input the WVC11B’s IP Address ( is the WVC11B’s default IP address) then click Go or press the [Enter] key.

3.      You will be prompted for a “User name” and “Password.”  Input your WVC11B’s username into the “User name” field (the default user name is admin). 

4.      Input the WVC11B’s password into the “Password” field (the default password is admin) and click the OK button.

5.      When the “Welcome” screen appears, click onto the Setup tab.

1.      In the “Setup” tab, click on the SoloLink DDNS sub tab.

  1. New SoloLink Customer

                                                               i.      Click on the New User? - Click here to Register link, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Existing SoloLink Customer

                                                               i.      Input the following information:

·         Username:  The Username you selected when setting up the SoloLink service.

·         Password:  The Password you selected when setting up the SoloLink service.

·         Your Domain:  The Domain you selected when setting up the SoloLink service.

·         Device Name:  This must be a unique identifier name for each WVC11B you have on your network.  You will also need to register this device name in your SoloLink account.

·         WAN Port:  This is a unique Internet port number that allows you to access your WVC11B from the Internet.  No device should use the same port, and the port number must not be below 1024.  If you need to find an available port, click the Find an Available Port link and follow the on-screen instructions.  The port number must also be registered for the device in your SoloLink account.

·         DDNS Service Update:  This setting will determine how often you want the DDNS service to update the dynamic IP address.  By default, it is set to Every 4 hrs.  If you randomly loose access then you may want to change this to Every hour.  To update the IP address immediately, click the Update Now button.

  1. If you changed any settings, click on the Apply button to save changes.

6.      If you have a router on your network please be sure to have the “WAN Port” number of your WVC11B forwarded to your to the IP Address of your WVC11B.

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