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Uninstalling the Linksys AE6000 adapter driver

Uninstalling the Linksys AE6000 wireless adapter from your computer means that you remove the setup software used to install it.  This is done by uninstalling it through the Control Panel.  For instructions on how to do this, follow the steps below.

NOTE:  For adapters installed using a driver, you may uninstall it through the Device Manager.  This should be done carefully and only if the driver does not appear in the Control Panel.  For instructions on how to do this, click here.

Step 1:
Go to your computer’s Control Panel then click on Uninstall a program.

NOTE:  For instructions on how to get to the Control Panel of a computer with Windows 7 operating system, click here.  For Windows 8, click here.

Step 2:
Select the Linksys AE6000 Driver from the list, then click Uninstall.

Step 3:
Click Yes.

The software has now been removed from the programs list and the AE6000 adapter driver is now uninstalled.

NOTE:  If you proceed to reinstall your AE6000, click here to download the file.

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