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Frequently Asked Questions for AM300

1.     To start over, do I need to set the Modem to factory default?

Hold the Reset button for 10 seconds and then release it. This will return the Internet settings, password, forwarding, and other settings on the Modem to the factory default settings. In other words, the Modem will revert to its original factory configuration.

2.     What could be the reason when the Power LED flashes continuously?

The Power LED lights up when the device is first powered up. In the meantime, the system will boot up itself and check for proper operation. After finishing the checking procedure, the LED remains steady to show that the system is working fine. If the LED continues to flash after this time, the device is not working properly. Try to flash the firmware by assigning a static IP address to the computer, and then upgrade the firmware. Try using the following settings, IP Address: and Subnet Mask:

3.     What is the maximum number of IP addresses that the Modem will support?

The Modem will support up to 253 IP addresses.

4.     Is IPSec Passthrough supported by the Modem?

Yes, it is a built-in feature that is enabled by default.

5.     Where is the Modem installed on the network?

The Modem is installed between the DSL wall jack and the LAN.

6.     Does the LAN connection of the Modem support 100Mbps Ethernet?

The Modem supports 100Mbps over the auto-sensing Fast Ethernet 10/100 switch on the LAN side of the Modem.

7.     Does the Modem support any operating system other than Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, or Windows XP?

Yes, but Linksys does not, at this time, provide technical support for setup, configuration or troubleshooting of any non-Windows operating systems.

8.     If all else fails in the installation, what can I do?

Reset the Modem by holding down the reset button until the Power LED fully turns on and off. Reset your DSL modem by powering the unit off and then on. Obtain and flash the latest firmware release that is readily available on the Linksys website, http://www.linksys.com

9.     Will the Modem function in a Macintosh environment?

Yes, but the Modem's setup pages are accessible only through Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher for Macintosh.

10.     I am not able to get the web configuration screen for the Modem. What can I do?

You can set your PC to a static IP Address.

11.     Is the Modem cross-platform compatible?

Any platform that supports Ethernet and TCP/IP is compatible with the Modem.

12.     How can I check whether I have static or DHCP IP Addresses?

Consult your ISP to obtain this information.

13.     Can the Modem act as my DHCP server?

Yes. The Modem has DHCP server software built-in.

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