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LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder LEDs and indicators

The following data shows what the LED indicators are on the LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder including their corresponding color and activity.
LED IndicatorLED ColorActivity
LANOFFLAN link is not established
OrangeLAN link is established
Orange BlinkingLAN is being accessed
ESATAOFFNo data transmission
Orange BlinkingThe eSATA device is being accessed
HDD1 / HDD2OFFHDD device is not established
GreenHDD is ready to be accessed
Green blinkingHDD data is being accessed
Red blinkingHDD error occurs (blinking with 0.5 Hz)
RedHDD failure and need to be removed

LED IndicatorLED ColorActivity
GreenPowered ON
RedSystem error occurs
BACKUPOFFUSB device is not detected
BlueUSB device is ready
Blue blinkingNVR data is being copied to the USB
device blinking with 1 Hz
RedBackup error occurs

LED IndicatorLED ColorActivity
Link/Activity (right/top)
OFFLAN link is not established
YellowLAN link is established
Yellow blinkingLAN activity is occurring
Link/Speed (left/bottom)
OFF10/100 Mbps connection or no connection
Orange1000 Mbps connection

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