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How to Setup Remote Access for Your Internet Monitoring Network Storage

When accessing remotely over the Internet, it's best to have a domain name for your Network Storage.  The NAS200 comes with 1 year of the TZO Dynamic DNS service FREE.  This service not only gives you a domain name, but also tracks your IP address and if it changes, TZO keeps it updated with your domain name.  This article will show you how to:

i.   Sign Up with your Free Trial of the TZO Dynamic DNS Service
ii.  Configure your Linksys Network Storage to Gain Remote Access
iii. Connecting Remotely to your Linksys Network Storage over the Internet

NOTE:  This article assumes your Linksys NAS200 is already properly installed and configured.

Sign Up with your Free Trial of the TZO Dynamic DNS Service

Step 1:
Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer and enter the IP address of your Network Storage.

NOTE:  If you don't know your NAS200's internal IP address, you can easily determine this by checking the DHCP Client’s table of your router.

 NOTE:  It is recommended to configure a Static IP address on your NAS200.

Step 2:
Click Administration Login.


Step 3:
Enter the User name and Password of your network storage then click OK.

NOTE:  The default user name and password is admin.

Step 4:
On the Administration screen, click System Options.  Scroll down and click DDNS

Step 5:
Check Enable TZO DDNS and then click Sign up for a TZO DDNS account.  This will open a new window to sign up with the FREE 1 YEAR trial of TZO.COM DDNS (http://www.tzo.com/Linksys).


Step 6:
Select Linksys NAS and click Next.


Step 7:
Select I have a Linksys NAS200 and click Next.

Step 8:
Select I would like to try TZO Dynamic DNS for 1 Year for FREE! and click Next.

Step 9:
Enter the Serial Number of your NAS200 and select Next


Step 10:
Enter your desired domain name for your Free year of TZO DDNS service in the field provided and then select Next.


Step 11:
You will now be asked for your email address in order to send you the account information.  Enter it in the Your Email Address field and click Next.


NOTE:  You will receive an email as a confirmation for signing up to TZO DDNS account with your account details.  If you do not receive the email, check your Bulk/Junk email folder to make sure this was not marked as Junk.

Step 12:
Login back into the NAS200’s web-based setup page. Under System Options, check Enable TZO DDNS and enter your TZO account details then click Save.

NOTE:  It's very important that you type this information EXACTLY as shown in your email.

Make sure that you set the Update Period to every 15 minutes.  This will keep checking for an IP change on your router every 15 minutes and update if it changes.


NOTE:  This domain name is good for one Year for your use.  After the 1 year the TZO Dynamic DNS service will expire.  You can purchase the TZO standard Dynamic DNS service for this domain name at http://www.tzo.com/Linksys before it expires. When ordering, use the domain name and the same email address you used when signing up.

Now that you have enabled the TZO DDNS, your NAS200 will continually poll your network every 15 minutes and track the IP address of your router.  Once the IP Address changes, the TZO DDNS will update your domain name with the new IP address.  If you wish to reduce the default "Update Period" and check for WAN IP changes less frequently, you can reduce the interval to your liking.

NOTE:  Keep in mind that if you set this too high, your IP address may change and the device may not catch the IP address change until it reaches that time interval.  The default setting of 15 minutes is recommended.

Configure your Linksys Network Storage to Gain Remote Access

To configure the NAS200 for remote access, you need to open the ports required to gain access via your Web browser.  By default, the NAS200 web server runs on port 80 TCP, and the FTP server requires port 20 and 21 TCP.  These ports need to be forwarded on the router.  For instructions on how to set up Port Forwarding on a Linksys router, click here.

Connecting Remotely to your NAS200 over the Internet

You need to be on a different network for you to complete this step. 

Step 1:
Open a web browser and enter the domain name of your NAS200 in the Address field.


Step 2:
Click Access My Files.


Step 3:
Once you are prompted to login, leave the user name blank and password is admin then click OK.


Once you log in you will see your list of folders on the left hand menu and your subfolders and files on the right side.

NOTE:  In order to PUT files on the NAS200 remotely, you need to make sure you have enabled FTP Server in the NAS200 and must also configure the FTP Client software to connect to the domain name of your NAS200.  For more help on configuring an FTP Client, consult the documentation that is provided with the FTP Client of your choice, some examples are WSFTP or CUTEFTP.

NOTE:  If you want to map a drive on the NAS200, click here.


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