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Adding a camera to the LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder

Adding a camera to the LNR0208C 2-Bay Network Video Recorder will allow you to save and record the captured videos to it.  You must set up the camera first and connect it to the network before adding it to the LNR0208C.
Follow the steps below on how to add a camera to the LNR0208C:
Step 1:
Access the web user interface of the LNR0208C by entering the device’s IP address on a web browser.
NOTE:  The default IP address of the LNR0208C is if it is not connected to a DHCP server.  Otherwise, use the IP address assigned by the DHCP server.  The default username and password of the LNR0208C is admin.
Step 2:
Enter the device’s username and password then click Log in.
Step 3:
Click the  icon.
Step 4:
Click IP Camera then click Camera Settings.
Step 5:
The list of cameras registered on the LNR0208C is shown on the Camera Settings page.  There are two (2) ways to add a camera:
  • Adding a camera manually – To add a camera manually, simply enter the camera details on the provided field then click Apply when done.
  • Adding a camera via UPnP search – To add a camera via UPnP search, click the UPnP Search button.  Select the camera and click Add.  Enter the camera’s username and password then click Apply.
NOTE:  If needed, you can edit the camera’s name only.  To change the camera’s IP address or port number you must make these changes from the camera’s web-based setup page.

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