How to enable IPTV Configuration on your Linksys router

If you are a PCCW customer with an IPTV subscription, you can enable IPTV Configuration on the router's web interface to get the most out of this service. Enabling this feature changes the router’s IP address from to, along with other changes. Remember to use the new IP address to access the router's web interface in the future.
This article will show you how to enable IPTV Configuration, as well as some network settings and changes to be aware of.
Before you begin:
  • Once IPTV Configuration is enabled, the router’s IP address will change to
    • You will need to disconnect and then reconnect your WiFi devices so they can obtain a new IP address from within the range.
    • If you have devices with static IP addresses, you will need to reconfigure them to follow the new IP address.
    • If you manually reconfigured the IP address to something other than, the IP address will not change.
    • If you manually change the IP address back to and are a PCCW IPTV subscriber, the IPTV feature will automatically turn OFF. 
  • The feature will not work if you are not a subscriber but enabling it will still change your router’s default IP address.
  • Supported models: Linksys MX4050-HK, EA9350-HK v1, EA9350-HK v2, WHW0301-AH v1, WHW0301-AH v2, MX5300-AH, EA8300-HK, and SPNMX56PW-HK with the latest firmware and only.



1. Connect your computer directly to the router using an ethernet cable or connect it to the router's WiFi.
3. Click Wi-Fi Settings under Router Settings.
4. Click on the Advanced tab.
5. Toggle the IPTV Configuration switch to the ON position.
6. Read the disclaimer and click Enable
7. Then click on Ok > Apply.

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