Can’t access the router after turning ON the IPTV feature

The IPTV feature is exclusive to PCCW users with an IPTV subscription and is compatible only with specific router models, including Linksys MX4050-HK, EA9350-HK v1, EA9350-HK v2, WHW0301-AH v1, WHW0301-AH v2, MX5300-AH, EA8300-HK, and SPNMX56PW.


This feature will not work if you are not a PCCW IPTV subscriber but enabling it will still change your router’s default IP address to If your router is not a supported PCCW model, you can access the router using and turn OFF the feature. 


If your router is one of the supported models, you can enable IPTV Configuration on the router's web interface to get the most out of this service

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