Linksys HomeKit routers FAQs

What are the Linksys HomeKit® routers and how does the integration work?The Linksys mesh WiFi system works with Apple® HomeKit with select Linksys tri-band HomeKit models. This integration adds an extra layer of security to your smart home. Use the Home app to control which services and devices your HomeKit accessories can communicate with within your network and on the internet. 
When your Linksys tri-band node is linked with the Apple Home app, it can monitor HomeKit accessories and prevent them from communicating in ways that might be harmful in the event that an external threat gets through.
What models have Apple HomeKit support?Apple HomeKit integration only works with the following Linksys nodes (with the latest firmware):
  • A03 (e.g., WHW03x or A03x models)
  • WHW0301
  • WHW0301B
  • WHW0302
  • WHW0302B
  • WHW0303
  • WHW0303B
  • MX4200
  • MX4200C
  • MX4200 v2
  • MX8000
  • MX8400
  • MX8400C
  • MX12600

Note that the Linksys MX4200SH-SG by StarHub Singapore and mixed hardware networks such as the Linksys WHW03x / A03x with WHW01, WHW01P, and MX5300 are not supported.

What are the requirements to link my node to the Apple Home app?

Before you link your node to the Apple Home app, make sure to have the following requirements:

  • Linksys tri-band nodes
  • Latest firmware installed on all your nodes
  • You must set up a home hub in your network before enabling HomeKit.
  • You must use one WiFi name for both radio bands (different WiFi names across 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios are NOT supported)
  • Bridge Mode is also NOT supported
  • Your WiFi must use WPA2™ Personal security (default setting)
  • The latest version of the Apple Home app installed
  • A Home created in the Apple Home app
  • A mobile device with the latest version of the Linksys app 
  • A Linksys cloud account
What is a home hub and what are the requirements to set up a home hub?

A home hub lets you:

1. Control your HomeKit accessories remotely.

2. Allows you to give access to trusted individuals.

3. Lets you operate your accessories to do tasks at any given time.

Read more about the home hub setup and the requirements needed.

How do I link my node to the Apple Home app?sf316767-002_en_v10.png


I received an error while connecting my node to the Apple Home app. What should I do?
When you tap the Connect to Apple Home button, you may encounter messages before the Apple HomeKit feature is enabled. These messages either mean that the app detected that you are running an unsupported scenario or don’t meet the requirements for setup. Follow the on-screen instructions and go back to the Home app to continue.
Will HomeKit still work if I use Linksys nodes that are not tri-band in the network?No. HomeKit support works with Linksys tri-band nodes only (A03, WHW0301, WHW0301B, WHW0302, WHW0302B, WHW0303, WHW0303B, MX4200, MX4200C, MX4200 v2, MX8000, MX8400, MX8400C, and MX12600 with the latest firmware). Devices that are connected to unsupported tri-band nodes will not work with the Apple HomeKit feature properly.
Can I use different WiFi names for each radio band?No. If you want to use the Apple HomeKit feature, you will need to use one WiFi name for all radio bands. 
Is Bridge Mode supported with the Linksys HomeKit routers?No, Bridge Mode is not supported.
What security settings are supported?Once the node has been linked to the Apple Home app, the only supported security setting will be WPA2™ Personal.
I have linked my nodes to the Apple Home app, but my child nodes are not showing. What should I do?If you have child nodes that are not showing in the Home app, make sure that they are the supported models and that they have the latest firmware. Check if your child nodes have a solid blue light. You can also try restarting your parent node.
How do I check if Home Data is enabled for the Linksys app on my iOS mobile device?For the Apple HomeKit integration to work, you will need to allow access to your Home Data. To check if Home Data is enabled for the Linksys app, follow the steps below:
1. On your iOS device, go to Settings.
2. Scroll down and tap on the Linksys option.

3. Make sure that the toggle switch for Home Data is set to ON.
If I reset my parent node, do I need to connect it to the Apple Home app again?Yes. If you reset your parent node, you will need to go through reconnecting it as well as your child node/s to the Apple Home app.
How do I turn OFF HomeKit integration on the Linksys app?When the node is set up with a managed switch, turn OFF HomeKit Integration from the Linksys app and power cycle all child nodes. As a tradeoff, you cannot link the node to the Apple Home app. For complete instructions, follow the steps below:
1. Launch the Linksys app and tap on Manage Your Wi-Fi.

2. Tap on Email to log in using your Linksys cloud account. Enter the required credentials and tap on Log in.

3. Then, tap the menu icon at the upper-left corner of the screen and then tap Network Administration.

4. Toggle the HomeKit Integration button to OFF.

You can now power cycle all your child nodes.

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