Setting up Wireless Security – BEFW11S4

Securing your wireless network is a simple process, which generally does not require a lot of time.  Please follow these instructions to secure your wireless network.

Accessing the Router

  1. Go to your desktop and double click on Internet Explorer (Located on the Start Menu in Windows XP)
  2. When "Internet Explorer" opens type into the "Address" bar and click on Go.
  3. The "Enter Network Password" window will appear.
  4. Skip user name and type admin (admin is the default password) as the password, and click OK

Setup Page Security Options

When you arrive at the Setup page, you'll see the bulk of your wireless security features.  There are three things you're going to want to set on this page:

  1. SSID

a)     Delete linksys from the "SSID" field

b)     Input your own unique SSID.  We general recommend something easy to remember, but secure enough to where people would not be able to guess it easily.  Sometimes your best bet is to use your last name and add some numbers.


c)      Click Apply then Continue


  1. SSID Broadcast (Firmware 1.42.7 and above only)

a)     Click No on the Allow "Broadcast" SSID to associate?

b)      Click Apply then Continue

  1. WEP

a)     Click Mandatory for the "WEP" Option

b)     Click the WEP Key Settings button

c)      When the "Wep Key Settings" Window appears, change the option from 64 to 128*

  128 bit WEP may not work on non-Linksys products due to its lack of an IEEE standard

d)     Enter a passphrase** that is different from the SSID.  Try to make it alphanumeric; instead of password, use password5532.  Once the key has been Generated copy the key into a notepad document and copy that file onto a floppy.

**NOTE:  The passphrase will not work with non-Linksys products, so you will need to use the passphrase that you copied onto floppy.

e)     Click Apply then Continue

f)        Close the window

g)     Click Apply then Continue on the setup page.

Setting up Station MAC Filter

The Station MAC Filter option is a very good security feature that has been added to Firmware 1.42.7 and above.  This option denies all wireless clients except those listed.  To implement this feature please follow these instructions:

  1. From the "Setup" page, click Advanced
  2. When the "Filters" page opens, click on the Wireless tab
  3. Make sure all wireless computers are setup to the router, and are currently able to access the internet.  Once this is done, click on the Active MAC Table button.
  4. Move the "Wireless Active MAC Table" window and click on Edit MAC Filter Settings on the main window.
  5. When the "Wireless Group MAC Table" opens, go to the task bar and click on the Wireless Active MAC Table so that window appears.
  6. With the two windows side by side enter the MAC Addresses from the "Wireless Active MAC Table" window into the Wireless Group MAC Table. 

NOTE:  When you enter the MAC Addresses do not include the dashes, and do not click "Filter"

  1. Click Apply then Continue in the "Wireless Group MAC Table" window.
  2. Close the "Wireless Group MAC Table" window and the "Wireless Active MAC Table" window
  3. On the Main window Enable the Station MAC Filter setting.


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