WPS54G Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What IP address, username, and password can be used to login to the WPS54G web-based setup page?

You may use the IP address assigned by the DHCP server to the WPS54G when logging in to its web-based setup page.  The default username is left blank and the password is admin.

2.  How can I reset the WPS54G to factory defaults?
Step 1:
Unplug the PrintServer.

Step 2:
Press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds while plugging the power back into the PrintServer at the same time.

NOTE:  This will reset the PrintServer to factory defaults. 
3.  What is the warranty period of the WPS54G?
The warranty period is dependent on the country of purchase.  For more information about your device's warranty, click here.
4.  What LEDs does the WPS54G have?
The WPS54G has a power, Ethernet, wireless and USB LEDs.
5.  What types of wireless security does the WPS54G support?
The WPS54G supports 64 and 128-bit WEP and WPA Pre-Shared key (TKIP).
6.  Can I use my PrintServer with a BEFW11S4 router?
Yes, but it will only work on Wireless-B speeds (11 Mbps).
7.  What if the Setup CD doesn't find the PrintServer?
Make sure any firewall on the computer is disabled.  You may also perform a hard reset on the PrintServer.
8.  What does the Setup CD do to configure the computer to print using the PrintServer?
It will setup the PrintServer driver.
9.  What other method can be used to configure the computer to print to the PrintServer?
You may setup the computer to use Line Printer Remote (LPR).  
10.  How do I upgrade the firmware on the WPS54G?
You have to download first the firmware from the support site and use it to upgrade the firmware.  For instructions, click here.

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