Setting up wireless MAC Filtering to prevent users from connecting to the wireless network on your Linksys router

Wireless access can be filtered by using the Media Access Control (MAC) addresses of the wireless devices transmitting within your network’s radius.  You can either permit or prevent specific wireless computers access to your wireless network.

Aside from the wireless security feature on your Linksys router, you can also secure your wireless network by limiting wireless access via Wireless MAC Filter.  If you enable this feature, you will have the option to either prevent or allow specific MAC Addresses to be connected to your wireless router.

This article will guide you on how to set up Wireless MAC Filter to prevent users to connect to your wireless network.  To learn how to permit users from connecting to your wireless network, click here.

NOTE:  To know how to enable the Wireless MAC Filter feature using Linksys Connect, click here.

IMPORTANT:  Before setting up MAC filtering, you need to ensure the following:

  • Make sure you’ve identified all MAC addresses you wish to filter.  To learn how to find the MAC address of your wireless device, click here.
  • Make sure the wireless devices you want to allow are currently wirelessly connected to the router and are able to access the network.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Access the router’s web-based setup page.

NOTE:  For instructions on how to access your route’s web-based setup page, click here.  If you’re using a Mac computer, click here.

Step 2:
Click on Wireless > Wireless MAC Filter.


NOTE:  Image may vary depending on the router you are using.

Step 3:
Click on Enabled.


Step 4:
Click the Prevent PCs listed below from accessing the wireless network radio button.

NOTE:  All other wireless devices not specified in this list will be allowed to connect to the wireless network.


There are two (2) ways to specify the MAC Addresses of the wireless devices within your network in MAC Address Filter List.

i. Manually enter the MAC addresses

If you know how to identify the MAC address of your wireless devices, enter the MAC Address on the space provided.


ii. Wireless Client List

The Wireless Client List displays a list of computers and other devices that are already connected to the wireless network.  If you wish to include these devices on the prevented or allowed list, select this option.

Step 1:
Click on Wireless Client List.


Step 2:
The Wireless Client List window should then pop up.  Select MAC Address in the Sort By drop-down menu and enter all the necessary information in the available fields.  Once done, click Add.


Step 5:
Click on Save Settings.

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