Connecting the Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge to a Wireless Network

To connect the Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge to a wireless network, make sure you have these wireless settings:

• Network name or SSID
• Wireless Security or Network Key

If you do not know your wireless settings and you’re using a Linksys router, click here.  If you are using a non-Linksys router, consult the user guide or contact the manufacturer of your router for assistance on getting these wireless settings.

Setting-Up the Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge 

Step 1:
Connect the Wireless Ethernet Bridge to your router using an Ethernet cable.  

Step 2:
Access the Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge’s web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here

Step 3:
On the Ethernet Bridge’s setup page appears, look for the SSID field and enter the wireless network’s SSID

Step 4:
For Network Type, select Infrastructure.

Step 5:
WEP security is enabled on your router, select Enable then click Edit Security.

NOTE:  If WEP security feature is not enabled on your Linksys wireless router, look under Security and select Disable then proceed to Step 10.

NOTE:  The Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge, WET54G only has the WEP security feature.  If your router is using the WPA security features instead of WEP, select Disable.

Step 6:
On the WEP Encryption window, select the same Default Transmit Key as your router’s.  In this example, number 1 is used. 

Step 7:
Select the same WEP Encryption level either 64Bit (10 hex digits) or 128Bit (26 hex digits).  In this example we selected 64Bit(10 hex digits) is used.  

Step 8:
Enter the wireless network’s WEP Key based on the Default Transmit Key selected.

Step 9:

Click .  

Step 10:
On the web-based setup page, click Site Survey > Refresh and select your wireless network’s SSID by clicking on it.



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