Encountering problems in accessing the router’s web-based setup page

This article will guide you on what to do if you encounter difficulties accessing the router’s web-based setup page.  This may be due to the following reasons:
  • Improper cable connections
  • The router is not giving a valid IP address
  • Incorrect router IP address entered in the Address bar
  • Incorrect Username and Password used to log in to the setup page
  • Browser issue
  • The router is defective
QUICK TIP:  If you have the Linksys Connect software installed on your computer, you can try opening the web-based setup page of the router using the software before proceeding with the configuration steps below.  To learn how to access the web-based setup page using Linksys Connect Software, click here.
Follow the steps below to ensure proper setup and configuration of your router:
Connecting the devices together

NOTE:  The image may vary depending on the computer you use.

For wired connections:  Have two ethernet cables.  The first cable should be connected from the modem to the router’s Internet port and the second cable should be from the computer to any of the ethernet ports at the back of the router.
For wireless connections:  Make sure that the cables for the modem and router are properly connected and that your computer is successfully connected to your Wi-Fi.  To learn how, click here.
Checking the router’s lights
After connecting the devices together, check the lights of the router.  Ensure that the internet and the numbered light corresponding to the ethernet port where the computer is connected are lit.  For a detailed explanation about the router lights, click here.
Checking the router’s IP address
Your computer must have an IP address from the router to make sure that they are communicating with each other.  To find a Linksys router’s local IP address, you have to check the IP settings of your Mac® computer.  For instructions, click here.  If you’re using a Windows® computer, click here.  For Windows® 8, 8.1 and 10 users, click here.

NOTE:  To find a Linksys router’s local IP address, you have to check the IP settings of the computer.  For instructions, click here.

Resetting the router's settings
If you still cannot access the router’s web-based setup page, you may reset the device.  The router can be set back to its factory default settings manually by pressing and holding its Reset button for 10 seconds.  A software reset done through the router’s web-based setup page is also another way of resetting the router.

NOTE:  For WRT- and BEF-series models of Linksys routers, the Reset button should be pressed for 30 seconds.

Upgrading the router’s firmware
If you are having continuous intermittent router connectivity, check if your router has the latest firmware.  If not, upgrade the router’s firmware, then powercycle the router for 10 seconds.  To learn how to upgrade the router’s firmware, click here.  To learn how to upgrade the router’s firmware using Linksys cloud account, click here.
You may also need to upgrade the firmware of your router using the Management Mode of the web-based setup page.  To learn how to perform Management Mode, click here.
NOTE:  If you find that your current firmware version and the one available on the Linksys Support site for your router are the same, you may continue the process of upgrading.  This is referred to as a firmware re-flash.  This process means that you will be updating your firmware with a version that is similar to the one that your device is currently using.  A firmware re-flash will also help in correcting the script of your current router’s firmware.

QUICK TIP:  If the web-based setup page doesn’t display properly on the web browser that you are currently viewing, you may try clearing your browser’s cache settings.  You may also try using other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox® and Google Chrome™.


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