Important things to do after installing your Linksys Wi-Fi Router

The Linksys Wi-Fi Router comes with the Linksys Connect software that allows you to quickly and easily install your router.  The software lets you manage and configure your router’s settings without logging into the router’s web-based setup page.

To maximize your router’s performance and functionality, click on the links below:

Personalize your wireless settings
Update your Easy Setup Key
Connect devices to the network
Enable Parental controls
Utilizing the Guest access feature

Personalize your wireless settings
The Linksys Connect software automatically provides a unique wireless network name (SSID) and password for your network.  These are your wireless settings.   

Why you should consider changing wireless settings – Your network becomes more prone to being accessed by unknown users if you keep your wireless settings on default.  With personalized wireless settings, Internet access will only be limited to you and those who know it – giving you a better sense of security.

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To improve wireless security, it is recommended to change them according to your preference.  You can do this during the installation process but if you decided not to, you can edit it later using Linksys Connect.  To do this, go to the Router settings page in Linksys Connect and click Change.


IMPORTANT:  Once you change the SSID and the password of your network using Linksys Connect, all the devices that are currently connected to it will be temporarily disconnected.  You need to re-connect them manually using the same software, under the Computers and devices section.



QUICK TIP:  You can also check your router's wireless settings using other ways.  Click here to learn how.

Update your Easy Setup Key
The Easy Setup Key serves as the storage for your router’s wireless settings and other necessary information.  This can help you easily connect and synchronize other devices into your wireless network. 

Where is my Easy Setup Key? – The Easy Setup Key is NOT included in the Linksys Wi-Fi Router package but you can create one using a USB flash drive.  Instructions for creating an Easy Setup Key can be found here.

It is important that with any changes you have done using Linksys Connect, the Easy Setup Key should be updated as well.  To do this, go to the Router settings of Linksys Connect then click on Update or create key.


Why you should consider updating – Synchronizing your Easy Setup Key with the recent settings of Linksys Connect would reduce any complications in connecting other devices to the network.  If you use an Easy Setup Key with settings that are not updated, the Linksys Connect software will not be able to recognize the device, thus, not including it in the network.        

Connect devices to the network
You can also use the Linksys Connect software to connect other devices to the wireless network without any hassle.  On the Computers and devices section, you can connect devices such as computers, smartphones, tablet computers, gaming consoles, storage devices, and printers, among others.  Just follow the simple and step-by-step procedures provided and you can have your devices linked to the network. 



Why you should connect devices using Linksys Connect – The main objective of the Linksys Connect software is to help you manage your wireless network efficiently.  With Linksys Connect, you now have a single portal in checking everything that takes place on your wireless network.  You can also synchronize all the necessary settings in your network, avoiding any further problems.

Enable Parental controls
One of the main features of the Linksys Connect software is Parental controls.  This allows you to set restrictions to computers that are connected to the network according to specific times or particular websites for up to five (5) computers.  To set specific Parental controls restriction on your network, go to the Parental controls section.



Why you should enable Parental controls – Using this feature gives you better authority over all the devices connected to the network since you get to decide when and what websites they can access.

The links below will provide you with specific instructions in using the Parental controls feature:
Restricting Internet access times during certain hours or days using Linksys Connect
Restricting Internet access times during certain hours or days using the router's web-based setup page    
Setting up parental controls to block specific websites
Utilizing the Guest access feature
Instead of allowing your guests to access the main network, you can create a separate network for them, commonly referred to as the Guest network.  To set up this feature, you can click on the Guest access section of the Linksys Connect software.



Why you should consider creating a Guest network – The Guest access feature is another way of ensuring security among users in your wireless network.  Those who are connected to the Guest network will only be able to access the Internet alone, removing any potential of infiltrating confidential information from your wireless network.

For detailed instructions on setting up Guest access using Linksys Connect, click here.
QUICK TIP:  The latest models of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers allow you to configure the Guest access feature using their web-based setup page.  To learn how to enable this using the router’s web-based setup page, click

NOTE:  Guest access and Parental controls are not available on Linksys Wi-Fi Routers, E2100L, E800, and E900.
Utilizing your network
After successfully accessing the router’s web-based setup page, you can now configure the router’s settings and connect your wireless devices to your network.  For video instructions, click on the links below:

Connecting Windows Computers to the Wireless Network (VIDEO)   
Connecting your iPod®, iPhone® or iPad® to the Internet (VIDEO)

In the router’s web-based setup page, you can also change your wireless channel, upgrade the firmware of your router or cascade another router in order to improve performance.  Click on the links below for instructions:

Manually upgrading the firmware of the Linksys Wi-Fi Router or X-series Gateway
Changing the wireless channel on a Linksys router
Cascading or Connecting a Linksys router to another router

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