Setting up the Linksys AE1000 High-Performance Wireless-N Adapter

The Linksys AE1000 High-Performance Wireless-N Adapter helps you connect your wired computer to the Internet wirelessly.  Installing this adapter adds or upgrades wireless connectivity on your Windows®-based computer.

To learn how to download the latest driver for your Linksys wirless USB adapter, click here.  For a list of downloadable files, click here.

This article will guide you on how to set up the Linksys AE1000 wireless adapter.

Minimum system requirements

  • A computer with 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB or more RAM
  • An available USB port
  • Windows® XP SP3, Windows Vista® SP1 and Windows® 7 only 

To set up your Linksys AE1000 to your computer, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Insert the Setup CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.

NOTE:  To learn how to setup your wireless adapter without using the Setup CD, click here.

Step 2:
Click Set up your Linksys Adapter

QUICK TIP:  If you’re using Windows Vista® or Windows® 7, User Account Control (UAC) may prompt you to allow access to your computer.  Click Allow to continue.  In case the setup does not start automatically, click here for instructions on starting the setup process manually.

Step 3:
Read the Software End User License Agreement and then click Next.

Step 4:
Insert the Wireless USB Adapter into a USB port on your computer.


QUICK TIP:  You can also use the USB Extension Base to connect the Wireless USB Adapter.  Plug the Wireless USB Adapter into the USB Extension Base and connect the Base to a USB port on your computer.

NOTE:  For optimum USB performance, it is highly recommended to use the standard USB Extension Base that came with the adapter.  Any other USB extension cable may not provide adequate power to the adapter if it is longer than the one that came with it. 


Step 5:
Select No, I don’t have an Easy Setup key and then click Next.


NOTE:  For more information about the Easy Setup Key, click here.

Step 6:
Select your wireless network and click Next.


Step 7:
If prompted, enter the wireless password for your network.


NOTE:  To learn how to check your Valet Hotspot or Linksys router’s Passphrase using Linksys Connect, click here.

Step 8:
Follow the on-screen instructions and then, click Next.

Step 9:
Once the installation has completed, you will be notified that the connection to the Internet has been successful.  Click OK to continue.


Step 10:
The Linksys Connect main page will appear on your screen.  To exit the window, click Close.



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