Getting to know WET610N

The Linksys WET610N Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge lets you connect your Ethernet-enabled devices such as gaming consoles or DVRs to your wireless network.

This article will enumerate the features of the WET610N.

LEDs Panel



NOTE:  The LEDs and Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) button are located at the front panel of the bridge.

Wireless (Blue) LED – lights up when there is an active wireless connection between the bridge and the router or access point.  The LED flashes when the bridge is actively sending or receiving data over the wireless network.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ button – If your router supports WPS and uses WPA or WPA2 security, then you can use Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ to automatically connect the bridge.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (Blue/Amber) LED – the light flashes blue for about two (2) minutes during Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ process.  It lights up blue when wireless security is enabled.  If there is an error during the WPS process, the LED lights up amber.  Wait until the LED goes OFF, and then try again.

NOTE:  Before using this feature, make sure the network router that the bridge is connected to support the WPS feature.

 Ethernet (Blue) LED – lights up when there is a wired connection.  The LED flashes when the bridge is actively sending or receiving data over the Ethernet port.

 Power(Blue) LED – lights up when the bridge is powered ON.

NOTE:  The Power LED may also appear to light up in a color similar to amber/purple when the device is being reset.

Ports Panel

The Ethernet and Power ports are located on the back panel of the bridge. 


 Ethernet – the port connects the bridge to a computer or other Ethernet network device.  The WET610N has a single port.

Reset – There are two (2) ways to reset the bridge to its factory defaults.  Either press and hold the Reset button for approximately five (5) seconds, or restore the defaults from Administration > Factory Defaults in the bridge’s web-based setup page.

 Power – connects the bridge to the included power adapter.


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