Sharing a folder using a Windows-based computer

After changing the workgroup name of your computers, you can now enable sharing on the folders you want to share within your network. If you haven't changed your computer's workgroup name, change your workgroup name before proceeding to the steps below.

1. Right-click on the folder you want to share and click Properties.




2. Select Sharing and then click the Advanced Sharing button. 




3. Click the Share this folder box. Click Apply, then OK.



You can now proceed to the file sharing.

Ensure that you have a minimum level of security on your antivirus or internet security software in order to communicate with other computers in your network. If you encounter problems accessing shared folders in the network, make sure you belong to the same workgroup and you have a unique computer name for each computer. You may also try to turn OFF your Windows® firewall temporarily and any other third-party firewall.

To view more information, refer to the Microsoft® support site.

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