Mounting the DPC3008 Modem

This article will show you how to mount your DPC3008 cable modem.  The ideal location for your cable modem is where it has access to electrical outlets and other devices.  Think about the layout of your home or office, and consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to select the best location for your cable modem.  Below are recommendations on where to place your modem.

•     Choose a location close to your computer if you will also use the cable modem for high-speed Internet service.
•     Choose a location that is near an existing RF coaxial connection to eliminate the need for an additional RF coaxial outlet.
•     Choose a location that is relatively protected from accidental disturbance or harm, such as a closet, basement, or other protected area.
•     Choose a location so that there is plenty of room to guide the cables away from the cable modem without straining or crimping them.
•     Choose a location that allows adequate ventilation around the cable modem.

Selecting an Appropriate Place to Mount the Cable Modem

You can mount the cable modem to a wall that is made of cement, wood, or drywall.  When choosing an appropriate mounting place, take note of the following:

•     Ensure that the mounting location is free of obstructions on all sides, and the cables should be able to easily reach the cable modem without strain.
•     Leave sufficient clearance between the bottom of the cable modem and any flooring or shelving underneath to allow access to cabling.
•     Allow enough slack in all cables so that the cable modem can be removed for any required maintenance without disconnecting the cables.

Equipment Needed

Make sure that you have the following items to mount the cable modem:

•     Two (2) wall anchors for #8 x 1-inch screws
•     Two (2) #8 x 1-inch pan head sheet metal screws
•     Drill with a 3/16-in. wood or masonry bit, as appropriate for the wall composition
•     A copy of the wall-mounting illustrations (refer to the image below)

Mounting the Cable Modem on a Wall

Use the following image to guide you in positioning the cable modem on the wall.

Horizontal Mounting

Step 1:
Use a drill with a 3/16-inch bit, drill two (2) holes at the same height and four (4) inches apart.

QUICK TIP:  The image below shows the location of the mounting holes on the back of the cable modem.

If you are mounting the cable modem into a drywall or concrete surface where a wooden stud is available go to Step 2.

If NOT, drive the anchor bolts into the wall, and install the mounting screws into the anchor bolts; leave a gap of about 1/4-inch between the screw head and the wall.  Then, proceed to Step 4.

Step 2:
Install the mounting screws into the wall and leave a gap of about 1/4-inch between the screw head and the wall.

Step 3:
Verify that no cables or wires are connected to the cable modem.

Step 4:
Lift the cable modem into position.

Step 5:
Slip the large end of both mounting slots (located in the back of the cable modem) over the mounting screws.

Step 6:
Slide the cable modem down until the narrow end of the keyhole slot contacts the screw shaft.

NOTE:  Verify that the mounting screws securely support the cable modem before you release the unit.

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