Tested storage devices and printers for the EA3500

The Linksys High Performance Dual-Band N Router, EA3500, is compatible with most storage devices and printers.  It recognizes FAT32, NTFS, and HFS+ formats.  The table below shows the list of storage devices and printers tested to work with the router, along with their disk storage formats.

Legend:  Yes - indicates compatibility with the EA3500


Western DigitalWestern Digital SATA500 GBYes  
Western DigitalWestern Digital SATA1 TB  Yes
iOmegaRPHD-U External HDD320 GB  Yes
Western DigitalMyBook Mirror Edition External HDD2 TBYes  
Western DigitalMyPassport Elite External HDD500 GBYes  
SeagateST31500341AS1.5 TBYes  
SeagateST315005FDM201-RK1.5 TB  Yes
SeagatePM9ZQ2N2-500 HDD2 TBYes  
Western DigitalWestern Digital_10EVVS1 TB Yes 
Western DigitalWestern Digital_20EVDS2 TBYes  
Western DigitalWestern Digital 5000AVVS500 GBYes  

USB Flash drives

Hewlett PackardHP V1258 GB Yes 
KingstonData Traveler G28 GBYes   
LexarLexar8 GB  Yes
Patriot DashPatriot Dash4 GB Yes  
PNY AttachePNY Attache2 GB Yes  
SanDiskCruzer2 GBYes  
SanDiskCruzer4 GB Yes  

USB Printers


ManufacturerModelWin7 (SP1)Vista (SP1)Win XP Pro (SP3)MAC OS 10.5.x & 10.6.x
Hewlett PackardHP Photosmart C309aYesYesYesYes

NOTE:  Devices NOT on the list may or may not work with the EA3500.

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