Installing the Powerline AV Utility on Mac®

The Powerline AV Utility is used to set up security for the Powerline Fast Ethernet adapters and upgrade their firmware.

To install the utility on your Mac® computer, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
Insert the Linksys Setup CD into your CD-ROM drive.

QUICK TIP:  If you do not have the Setup CD, you can download the utility from the product’s support page at Linksys Support Site.  For more instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Double-click the Setup CD icon on the desktop to extract the WireConf PLC v1.0.0.0.pkg installer.  Double-click the extracted file to run the installer.


Step 3:
On the installer’s Introduction page, click Continue.


Step 4:
Read the Software License Agreement and click Continue.


Step 5:
Click Agree.


Step 6:
You will be informed on the amount of space the utility needs and on what hard drive it will be installed.  Click Install.

NOTE:  You can click on Change Install Location… if you want to change the location where the software will be installed.


Step 7:
You will be asked for your computer’s name and password.  Enter the necessary information in the fields provided and click OK.


Step 8:
You will be then informed that the installation is complete.  Click Close to finish the installation. 


You have now successfully installed the Powerline AV Utility.

QUICK TIP:  To access the configuration utility, go to the Hard Drive device > Applications > WireConf.


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