Determining the security settings of your Linksys router

Linksys routers have different kinds of security settings that protect your network from unwanted access.  These include Router Password, Wireless Security and Internet Security.  Click on any security setting below to know how to do this:

Router Password
Wireless Security Settings
Internet Security

IMPORTANT:  You must access your router’s web-based setup page first to know the security settings of your Linksys router.  

Router Password

The router password is the password that you need when you attempt to access the web-based setup page.  By default, this password is set to admin.

The username is set up when you run the CD during the installation of the router.  It cannot be changed unless you reset the router.  However, you can change your Router Password in the web-based setup page.  It will appear in dots as it is encrypted.  To know how to change the router password, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Click on the Administration tab and the Management window will open automatically.  Enter your new password in the Router Password and Re-enter to Confirm fields.

NOTE:  Images may vary depending on the Linksys router that you are using.


Step 2:
Click .


Wireless Security Settings

There are two kinds of wireless security settings you can use for your network under this tab.  These are:

  • Basic Wireless Settings is the simplest way to protect your network from unwanted access and users.  This is where you can configure the name used for your wireless network and the password needed to connect to it.  To know what kind of wireless security setting is enabled on your router, click here.
  • MAC Filtering is a way to filter wireless devices using the Media Access Control (MAC) address of those devices.  You can either permit or prevent specific wireless computers access to your wireless network.  To know more about MAC Filtering, click here.
NOTE:  Guest Network is a feature of Linksys Wi-Fi and Smart Wi-Fi Routers and the Linksys X-series gateways that creates a separate network for guests.  If you want to know how to connect devices to this network, click here.

Internet Security

All Linksys routers have their own built-in firewall that enhances network security.  To know more about the firewall feature on your router, click on the Security tab and click Help… at the right hand side of your router’s web-based setup page.

NOTE:  To know how to configure the Firewall Protection on a Linksys Wireless-N Router, click here.

Expanding your network

Your router has the capability to connect multiple devices in the network.  These devices can be smart phones, game consoles and printers.  You can also extend the range of your wireless network, especially in situations that require you to do so.  

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