Registering products in the Linksys support site

Registering your Linksys device on the Linksys support site allows you to get the latest updates regarding your device.  You will also have access to support tools and knowledge base articles that will help you easily configure or set up your Linksys device.

Step 1:
Access the
Linksys support site

Step 2:
Hover your mouse pointer to the account icon at the top-right corner.



Step 3:
Enter your account credentials and click Login.  If you need help in account creation, click
here for instructions. 

NOTE:  Click on Forgot password? to receive an email notification on how to update to a new password.



Step 4:
Once logged in, hover your mouse pointer to the account icon once again and then click on Product Registrations.



Step 5:
Select the Click Here link. 



Step 6:
Enter your product’s model number in the field.  To learn where your model number is located, click on the Where is my model number? link for further instructions. 



You also have the option to select your product in different categories. 


Step 7:
Enter the information needed in the required fields and click Register Product.



Step 8:
You now have successfully registered a product.  Select Register Another Product if you have more devices to add to your account.



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