How to create a cluster on your Linksys LAPAC1200 or Linksys LAPAC1750

Clustering provides a single point of administration for other access points.  When a change is made on the Master Access Point, it is pushed out to the other access points in the cluster.  This feature reduces the costs and complexity of managing multiple wireless access points. 

IMPORTANT:  Your device must be running on firmware version and up.  Also, all access points in a cluster must have the same model number.  To know more about the cluster feature of your Linksys LAPAC1200 or Linksys LAPAC1750, click
NOTE:  A Cloud access point like the Linksys LAPAC1200C cannot be clustered with a Non-Cloud access point such as the Linksys LAPAC1200 and vice versa.

This article will show you how to create a cluster.  In the scenario below, two Linksys LAPAC1750 are used to serve as examples.

Step 1:
Connect the first access point to the network.  This would serve as your Master Access Point. 
Step 2:
Configure the necessary settings that you need on your Master Access Point.  
NOTE:  In this scenario, we are going to configure the wireless settings.  This step is NOT necessary to create the cluster but we will use it to show how the Slave Access Point will inherit the Shared settings after joining the cluster.  Take note the type of settings that are Shared vs. Unshared.
a. Radio 1
i. SSID - SupportDPT
ii. Security - WPA/WPA2 Personal
b. Radio 2
i. SSID - SupportDPT_5
ii. Security - WPA/WPA2 Personal
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Step 3:
Configure the following settings on the first access point.
a. Member Type - Master
Location - This is an optional setting.
Cluster Name - Provide a name for your cluster; this field is mandatory.
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Step 4:
Click Save.
Step 5:
Click OK when the prompt appears.
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Step 6:
Notice that the Master is shown in the Cluster Members section and Status shows Inactive because other members have not joined yet in order to create a cluster.
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Step 7:
Log in to the second access point and configure it as a Slave with the same Cluster Name.
a. Member Type - Slave
b. Location - Optional field
c. Cluster Name - Must be the same name as the Master.
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Step 8:
Click Save.
Step 9:
Click OK when the prompt appears.
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Step 10:
Click Refresh on the Master to check if the Slave has joined.
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Step 11:
Click Refresh on the Slave to update the Cluster Members table.
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Step 12:
Now you can see that the Slave has inherited the Wi-Fi settings configured on the Master.
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