Intel® Puma™ Chip Advisory

Linksys System Advisory
Advisory Date:  5/17/2017
Linksys was recently notified of a system vulnerability that affects cable modem products that use Intel® Puma™ 5, Intel Puma 6 and Intel Puma 7 chipsets.  Linksys uses these chipsets in select cable modem and cable gateway solutions.

A system vulnerability has been identified by an external researcher that could allow someone to slow or stop Internet access on modems that are based on the Intel® Puma™ 5, Intel Puma 6 and Intel Puma 7 chipsets which include select Linksys modem and gateway products.  The issue does not pose a risk of data loss or allow someone access to the user’s home network.  Linksys affected modems resume normal operation when the malicious activity is stopped.

The Linksys Security team is working with Intel to confirm and resolve all reported issues.  Firmware updates will be released for all affected devices as soon as they become available. 

Affected Products
The following device models have been identified as vulnerable:
Cable Modems:
  • CM3008
  • CM3016
  • CM3024
Cable Gateway:
  • CG7500

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