Overview of the Linksys mesh router Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a snapshot of your Linksys mesh router.  It displays the number of devices connected to your network and also shows you if any devices are configured with Parental Controls or Priority settings.

To access the Linksys mesh router Dashboard, log in to the Linksys app using your Linksys cloud account for remote access or your router's administrator password for local connection.  For instructions, click here.



The table below shows the Dashboard when using an iOS device.
WiFi name and internet connection status
The status of your internet connection appears under your WiFi name.  It will show whether you are ONLINE or OFFLINE.

DEVICES - Total amount of current clients that are connected to your network. Tap on DEVICES to manage your Device list.
NODES - Total nodes connected to your network.  If any of your nodes are offline, you will see a red alert on the Nodes section.  To determine which node is offline, tap on NODES


NOTE:  The Dashboard can also display if the router is in BRIDGE MODE.
Internet Speed
Tap on Go to run a speed test.


Last Five Connections
This section displays the last five clients that have connected to the network.  It shows whether these are online or offline, which radio band they have connected, which router or node they have connected, and the signal strength.

Parental Controls
Tap on Parental Controls to configure it.


Once configured, it will display the total number of clients that are configured with Parental Controls.

Guest Network
Tap on Guest Network to configure it.


Share Wi-Fi
Tap on Share Wi-Fi to share your WiFi credentials via text, email or copy to template.

Internet Slow?
Does your internet seem slow? Tap on Internet Slow? for suggestions in improving your connection.



The table below shows the Dashboard when using an Android device.
The Internet icon displays if the router is online or offline.

The Devices section displays the total number of clients that are connected to the network.


NOTE:  The Dashboard can also display if the router is in Bridge Mode.
The Wi-Fi screen displays one WiFi name for your entire network.


Tapping on the WiFi name will take you to the Wi-Fi Settings screen to make the necessary changes.

Tapping on the Share 
sf316727-020_en_v3.png icon allows you to copy the WiFi name and password or to share it via text message, email or copy to template.

Guest Access
Guest Access allows you to configure the WiFi settings of your guests.
Toggle the switch to turn ON or OFF the Guest Access.
There is only one Guest Network name for the Guest Network.

It is highly recommended to create a new Guest Network name, along with your custom Guest Network password that you can share with guest clients.
Tap on the Share sf316727-020_en_v3.png icon to share the Guest Network credentials via text, email or copy to template.
Parental Controls
Tap on the plus + icon next to Parental Controls to configure it.


When you have configured Parental Controls for your devices, the toggle switch will be on the ON position and a list of your devices will appear in the Parental Controls section.


Toggle the switch to the OFF position to turn OFF Parental Controls for all devices.

NOTE:  If the router is in bridge mode, the Parental Controls section will be greyed out.
External Storage
Selected Linksys Mesh routers have an external storage port.  To know more, click here.

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