Optimizing your internet speed while working at home

Staying productive while observing strict social distancing may be difficult especially when your internet connection at your home office is slow.  Here are a few things you can do to improve your internet connection at home.

Turn OFF and/or power cycle your router from time to time

Power cycling your router helps improve your connection without the need to do a reset.

Secure your Wi-Fi

Is your Wi-Fi password-protected?  If not, then it is highly recommended that you set a password to prevent anyone from connecting without your permission - thus minimizing sudden drops in internet speed.

Position your router properly

Place your router at a spot where most of your Wi-Fi devices are located.  This helps ensure that all your devices get the adequate amount of signal needed for any online activity.

Block unnecessary advertisements

Though advertisements keep you updated on the latest trends, these significantly slow down your internet connection.  Installing a plugin that blocks advertisements gives your internet connection additional room to operate as they prevent photos and auto-played videos from appearing out of nowhere.

Maintain a wired connection

Being connected via Wi-Fi is very convenient, but it is neither the fastest nor the safest.  By connecting your computer to your router via an ethernet cable, you can ensure that you're getting a faster and more secure connection.

Your router's firmware should be up-to-date

Keeping the firmware of your router updated ensures that the latest security features are installed - thus enhancing its speed and overall performance.

Clear your browser's cache

In case you didn't know, your web browser accumulates bits of information or cookies from different websites you visit.  Clearing the browser's cache removes unnecessary data stored and helps improve your browsing experience.

Close unused programs

You may not be aware of it, but applications running on the background may be affecting the speed of your connection.  Try closing these applications whenever you're not using them to help boost your internet speed.  

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