Getting to know the Linksys E7350 Dual-Band WiFi 6 EasyMesh™ Router

The Linksys E7350 Dual-Band WiFi 6 EasyMesh™ Router delivers enhanced speed, range and security for all your networking needs.  With AX1800 speeds, you'll be able to swiftly stream HD videos, surf, email, play games online, and chat.

EasyMesh allows you to set up a mesh system.  You will be able to add additional EasyMesh child nodes to extend your WiFi network with the latest firmware.

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  • EasyMesh-certified (with the latest firmware)
  • Supports parent and child mode (with the latest firmware)
  • Supports 802.11ax (AX1800) up to 1.8 Gbps
  • 2x2 spatial streams
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Beamforming technology
  • Parental Controls
  • Guest network
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS)
  • Coverage of up to 1,500 sq ft
  • Four gigabit ethernet ports and one gigabit internet port
  • Dimensions:  156 mm x 77.11 mm x 220 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight:  850 g
  • Media Server feature is compatible with DLNA® devices

Product Requirements
  • Working internet connection
  • WiFi or wired computer for setup
  • Latest web browser version of Google Chrome™, Firefox®, Safari® (for Mac® or iPad®), and Microsoft Edge® or Internet Explorer® version 8 or higher (for Windows®)

Back Panel
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  • Buttons, ports, and switch
    • Four gigabit ethernet ports
    • One gigabit internet port
    • One USB 3.0 port
    • Reset button
    • Power switch (rocker style)
    • Power port (12V, 2A)
  • USB specifications
    • Supports SMB v1.0  
    • Up to an 1100mA current draw 
    • Supports the following file systems:  FAT, FAT32, NTFS and HFS+ (journaled and non-journaled)
  • Antennas
    • Four internal antennas

Light Behavior
Light ColorIndication
PowerBlue (blinking)Router is starting up or WPS pairing 
Yellow (blinking)WPS pairing fails 
Yellow (solid)Child node is too far away from mesh device

NOTE:  This is only applicable on a Linksys E7350 child node.
InternetBlue (solid)Connected to the internet 
Yellow (solid)Not connected to the internet
EthernetBlue (solid)Client device connected to a port 
Blue (blinking)Activity 

Package Inclusions
  • Linksys E7350
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Quick start guide

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