Configuring the Parental Controls feature for clients showing up as asterisk instead of the device name

If the device name is not on the list or it appears as an asterisk (*) instead of the actual device name when configuring the Parental Controls feature, follow the steps below to resolve this.

Before you begin, determine the IP address of your device.

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Step 1:
Log in to the Linksys Dual-Band WiFi Router's web interface.  For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Click on the Configuration tab.  Then, under Connectivity > Local Network, click on the DHCP Reservation button.

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Step 3:
On the DHCP Client Table, select your device appearing as * by its IP address.  Then, click on Add Clients.

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Step 4:
On the Clients Already Reserved table, rename the client, and click on Save.

NOTE:  In the example below, Jaime is used.

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Step 5:
Click Save again on the Configuration page.

Step 6:
Then, go to the Parental Controls tab and make sure the feature is enabled.  If it is not enabled, check the box before Parental Controls.  Then, click on Add.
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Step 7: 
You will now be able to see your device by its name.  Select it and click on OK to add it.  You can also choose a schedule or block it by a specific website.

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Step 8: 
Click on Save when you are done.

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