Linksys Shield Overview and Subscription


What is Linksys Shield?

Linksys Shield is a subscription service for Velop that includes two features:

The Network Security feature is for advanced protection from network threats and malicious websites.  To learn more about Network Security, click

The Advanced Parental Controls (Block by Category) allows parents to filter internet content on their children’s devices.  The four age-appropriate filters are preset to allow or block categories of internet content.  Each category and its subcategories are fully customizable to meet each family’s needs.  Make sure you are logged in to the Linksys app to configure a device.  To view the categories, click
here.  Linksys Shield supplements the standard Parental Controls feature in the Linksys app.

NOTE:  Linksys Shield will work on up to 14 devices in your network.

What are the subscription requirements?

The subscription requirements are the following:
  • Linksys cloud account
  • Latest version of the Linksys app
  • Latest firmware

Linksys Shield only works with the following supported Linksys devices:
  • Velop tri-band models
    • A0301
    • A0302
    • A0303
    • WHW0301
    • WHW0302
    • WHW0302B
    • WHW0303
    • WHW0303B

NOTE:  If you have a mesh network with mixed models, make sure the parent node is a supported model.

How can I subscribe to Linksys Shield?

The Linksys app menu has a category called Network Security.  The Network Security feature appears in both the local and cloud logins; however, you can only subscribe and manage the subscription when logged in via the cloud.  Log in to the Linksys app with your email address to subscribe to Linksys Shield or access its features.

You can subscribe to Linksys Shield in three ways:
 1.  Through the Linksys app dashboard
 2.  Through the Linksys app's Parental Controls feature
 3.  Through the Account section of the Linksys app

Choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly and tap on Start a 90-Day Free Trial.  Complete the payment process using an iTunes® or Google Play™ account.  You will receive a confirmation email once the new features are activated and ready for setup.
How does the dashboard look when I subscribe to Linksys Shield?

The dashboard will display a Linksys Shield pop-up banner if you are not subscribed to Linksys Shield.  There are no changes to any settings in the dashboard.





Once you subscribe to Linksys Shield, the following prompt will appear:
User-added image

How can I check and manage my Linksys Shield subscription?

On Apple® devices, learn how to manage your subscription here.

On Android devices, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Go to Google Play and log in to your account.

Step 2:
On the left menu, click on My subscriptions.

How can I cancel my Linksys Shield subscription?

To cancel a subscription:

On iOS devices
Go to your iTunes account.

On Android devices
Go to Google Play.

If I have multiple networks, will my subscription work with all of them?

No.  Linksys Shield subscriptions can only be used on one network at a time on one account.

How can I use my subscription with a different network?

You may transfer a Linksys subscription between networks that share an account.  The network's parent node must be a supported model.  To know the subscription requirements, click here.

Step 1:
Connect your device to the network you want to transfer the subscription to.

Step 2:
Using the Linksys app, log in to your account.

Step 3:
Find the subscription you want to transfer on the Account screen.

Step 4:
Tap on the subscription to open the Subscription details screen.

Step 5:
Tap on Transfer subscription to this network under Subscription Status.

When the transfer is complete, you should see a confirmation that the subscription is now applied to your intended network under Subscription Status.

How can I transfer my subscription to a different account?

You cannot transfer a subscription to a different account.

How would I know if my subscription is expiring?

In your Linksys app, go to Account and check the status of your subscription.

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