List of Linksys EasyMesh Certified Products

EasyMesh™ allows you to create a mesh system with other EasyMesh products to extend your WiFi.  Make sure your nodes are upgraded using the latest firmware that adds EasyMesh support.
The following Linksys devices support EasyMesh:
Linksys EasyMesh parent node
Works with the following Linksys EasyMesh child nodes
Linksys E7350
  • Linksys E7350
  • Linksys E8450
Linksys E8450
  • Linksys E7350
  • Linksys E8450
Linksys E5600
  • Linksys E5600
NOTE:  You can also use a Linksys E7350 but it is recommended to only use it as the parent node with the Linksys E5600 as the child node.

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