Troubleshooting possible Linksys Mesh system setup issues with the Linksys app

This article will provide you with troubleshooting tips on how to fix common issues that you may experience when setting up a Linksys Mesh WiFi system or when adding more child nodes to your network. 

Before you begin:

  • Parent node: A parent node is a Linksys Mesh node or router that is connected to your modem.
  • Child node: A child node is an additional Linksys Mesh node or router that you can add to your existing Linksys Mesh WiFi network to extend your signal. 

1. Can I still set up the nodes without bringing them closer as instructed in the Linksys app during setup?

No. You need to move your child nodes near the parent node, at least no more than 10 ft away from the parent node or if possible, in the same room as the parent.

2. How close should the child node be during setup or when adding a child node?

The child node should be no more than 10 ft from the parent node for setup purposes. After setup, you can move your nodes.

3. Can I mix Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh nodes with Linksys Velop Cognitive™ Mesh nodes?

No. Linksys Cognitive Mesh nodes are not backward compatible with Linksys Intelligent Mesh nodes.

4. I have Linksys MX6200 and Linksys MBE7000 nodes. What is the best way to set them up?

It is highly recommended to make the Linksys MBE7000 the parent node and all other child nodes can either be another Linksys MBE7000 or a Linksys MX6200 for better wireless performance.


The table below describes possible errors during setup using the Linksys app along with troubleshooting tips on how to resolve them.

Error DescriptionSolution
Bluetooth® setup issues
If you are having Bluetooth issues when setting up a Linksys Mesh node/router, there are alternative methods depending on the type of product.

Linksys Cognitive Mesh product
We couldn’t find your router message when setting up your parent node
  • Keep your phone near the node you are setting up.
  • Make sure the parent node has a solid blue light for Linksys Cognitive Mesh nodes or solid purple for Linksys Intelligent Mesh nodes. This indicates the node is ready for setup.
  • Try resetting the node and running the setup again.

An internet connection is not found
  • Your modem may need a reboot. Follow the on-screen instructions to reboot the modem.
  • If your internet connection is using PPPoE or a static IP address, tap on Do you have ISP settings to enter? to customize your internet settings. Select your internet connection type, enter your settings, and follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.

Oops, we found more than one node connected message when setting up parent and child nodes at the same time.
  • Disconnect any ethernet cables from any child nodes during setup.
  • Only the parent node should have the Internet port in use by your modem. After the child nodes have been added to your network, you can then use the ports on the child nodes.

We didn’t find any nodes message whenattempting to set up parent and child nodes at the same time or when adding a new child node to an existing network. 
  • Make sure the child node is powered ON and near the parent node and should be no more than 10 ft away.
  • Check if the child node has a solid purple or solid blue light depending on the model.


  • Tapping on troubleshoot will provide you with the following information.



  • If the child node is still not found, try resetting the node. Do not reset the parent node that is connected to your modem. Once you reset the child node, wait for the light to turn solid blue or solid purple and try adding it again.
We found incompatible nodes. 
  • Linksys Cognitive Mesh products are not backward compatible with Linksys Intelligent Mesh products.
  • When setting up a parent Linksys Cognitive Mesh node such as a Linksys MBE7000, you can only add another Linksys MX6200 or another Linksys MBE7000. 
  • Click the links below for a list of Linksys Mesh system products. 
Reset your node message when attempting to add child nodes during setup.
  • Reset the child node that you are attempting to add and wait for the light to turn solid blue or solid purple depending on the model, before trying again.
  • To learn about the light behavior of your Linksys Mesh system, click on the links below.
Log in to expand your network
  • To add a new child node to an existing network, tap on Go to login, enter your Linksys cloud account credentials, and then tap Set up a new Wi-Fi network.
  • To set up a new network: Disconnect your mobile device from any existing WiFi network, then tap on Set up a new Wi-Fi network again.
If some nodes are having trouble joining, do you want to keep trying?sf335664-013_en_v3.png

If one of your child nodes has not been detected and it does not have a solid white light, tap on See tips to try some of the helpful tips.

You can tap on Keep trying to try adding your child node again. You can also tap on I’ll add later and finish setting up your network with the nodes that have been found and try it again after setup is complete.

The See tips link will provide additional information.


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